I'm Ayşın, aka The Omnivorist.

I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in Paris, and I’m passionate about helping busy moms recover their energy and vitality through real food and healthy habits.

Fretting over macronutrients is overrated and calorie-counting is a definite NO.

ASK THE OMNIVORIST: Food & Health Nuggets for Busy Mamas

Weekly video series answering YOUR burning questions about health and nutrition!


Ep 3: What should you do about breakfast?

There’s so much conflicting info out there regarding breakfast! Whether you should eat breakfast, if so what kind of breakfast, or whether you should skip it altogether because you’ve heard that fasting’s good for you…  This is another big subject so it'll be another...

Ep 2: What should you eat?

Now that you have a clearer idea of what we mean by REAL FOOD, check out Episode 2 where I get specific and break down just what a real food diet looks like!  

Ep 1: Just what is REAL FOOD?

I talk about real food a lot. Naturally, people also often ask me what I really mean by that. In this first episode of my weekly series, I dig into just that.

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What’s the lowdown on dairy?

If you're a little confused about whether dairy products should be part of a healthy diet, you're not alone! It is because dairy happens to be one of those nutritional subjects that can become very divisive, depending on who’s talking. Mainstream dietary guidelines...

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Is coffee good for me?

Nothing seems to get people as riled up as the question of their coffee consumption. When I talk to moms about incorporating healthier habits into their routine, this is one of the things that they get most defensive about. "You will pry my cup of joe from my cold,...

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