I’ve always been a foodie — my parents never had to worry about my appetite as a child!  

But it wasn’t until my first pregnancy that I really got the intimate connection between what we put into our mouths and our well-being. I mean, I knew it before but I didn’t really get it.

Can you relate??

As I started eating a more nutrient-dense diet for a healthy baby, I realized I also started feeling much better myself and saw many of my chronic issues melt away. All of a sudden I found myself with more energy on this side of 40 with two little boys than I ever did in my 20s!

I finally got the connection between real food and thriving health…

But I also noticed something else that was curious: there was no MAGIC BULLET to any of this stuff. There was no great moment of epiphany or overnight transformation but rather a gradual realization that I had made so much headway into my health journey… as a result of little, sometimes completely mundane, changes that I made to my daily routine over a long period of time.

And that’s when the power of healthy habit formation clicked. As Gretchen Rubin puts it best:

“Habits make change possible by freeing us decision-making and using self control”.

So in 2016 I trained to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to teach other moms how to make all these connections and cut through the NUTRITION CONFUSION (because boy is it real!).

And when I’m not teaching moms how to take their health into their own hands, I can most likely be found in (surprise, surprise) the kitchen!

Or taking a walk with my boys (or going round in circles, who am I kidding?!), or watching an episode of Monty Python for the umpteenth time bent over in laughter and tears running down my face. #becausebritishhumor

If you’re dying to know more, here are 3 things not too many people know about me:

1. I can order scrambled eggs in Amharic. 
2. I’m good at starting things, but not always at finishing them (revelation courtesy of Gretchen Rubin).
3. I’ve never had to drive in my entire life. Although that may soon have to change…

Thanks for reading my story! Enjoy your trip to my website and have a wonderful day.

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