Who was Weston Price and why should you care? (Part 2)

What if our nutrition during pregnancy, or heck even before conception, had lifelong consequences for the health of our children?

Let me rephrase that in case you have missed the enormity of the statement: what if what the parents ate and how they lived even before the child was even conceived may have an influence on, say, the probability of that child developing heart disease or cancer or diabetes at 60 years old?

In other words, what if genetics was not our entire destiny (for better or for worse) and good nutrition and a positive lifestyle went a long way in ensuring lifelong robustness?

Does this sound scary or empowering to you?
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Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup

Curried Coconut Butternut Squash Soup

Coming from a country with such an impressive cuisine as Turkey, you wouldn’t think that my gastronomical curiosity was only awakened when I moved to the US for college. Oh but it’s true. And my most vivid culinary experience from those early fresh-off-the-boat years was definitely Indian food. All those spices and exploding aromas seduced me instantly, although for a long time I was intimidated by trying to re-create those flavors at home.

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Who was Weston Price and why should you care?

(This is the first of two articles.)

If you’re wondering how the teachings of a little-known early-20th-century dentist can possibly be relevant for the lifelong health of your (future) baby, or what really constitutes “super foods”, then read on! Continue reading Who was Weston Price and why should you care?


Minty Moroccan Chicken Soup with Rice

Once it occurred to me last year that I had a big birthday coming up, I immediately had the idea of inviting a bunch of friends on a trip where we would doubly celebrate: for once I would take advantage of the fact that my birthday was so close to new year’s eve. But the big conundrum: where oh where to go? It had to be not too far from Europe but would ideally provide a welcome sunny break from the winter. And if this place also boasted friendly locals, beautiful regional crafts and (not a surprising criterion for me) amazing food, well all the better! Continue reading Minty Moroccan Chicken Soup with Rice


The conundrum of good fats, or why I don’t eat fries when I’m out (it’s not what you think)

When you think about the first words people associate with unhealthy eating habits “fatty” has got to be on top of the list. It’s one of those refrains that is thrown around so often that it’s considered to be a truism by most reasonable people. Dietary fat and cholesterol, the thinking goes, clog your arteries and cause heart disease — if you haven’t already become obese along the way.

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Carrots with Cumin

This simple and delicious recipe lets the carrots show off their sweet side when cooked. Some recipes call for either roasting or poaching them first but the lazy side of me always questions this kind of extra step. The idea of turning on the oven for a side dish takes it out of the simple category for me.  So I’m happy to report that simmering the carrots lets them release their juices quite readily and they turn out just perfect, no extra steps required. Continue reading Carrots with Cumin


When in Rome…

We had barely sat down to our first meal in Rome that all hell broke loose.

Much like seeing family, no matter how far you’ve think you’ve come, how long you have lived away from them and established your independent self, seeing old girlfriends sets off a similar cocktail of high emotions and passionate exchanges… especially when hot-blooded Turkish temperaments are involved!

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