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Roundup #2 from The Omnivorist

Welcome to the second edition of my roundup of news, views and recipes that I usually share on social media — hope you’ll find something in here that will be of interest!

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7 questions to ask for a peaceful birth

7 Questions to Ask for a More Peaceful Birth

I had seen the documentary The Business of Being Born when it first came out, meaning long before I had even given much thought to the idea of having children. In it Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein take a critical look at the highly medicalized state of childbirth in the US and take some time exploring the movement that defends gentler and more natural forms of bringing babies into the world, including bringing back the work of midwives and home births.

The film made its mark on me even back then, and I’d made a “note to self” to heed its message when the time came. Fast forward to three years ago to my first pregnancy, and I made sure to watch it again with my partner to make sure we would be on the same page. Continue reading 7 Questions to Ask for a More Peaceful Birth


Who was Weston Price and why should you care? (Part 2)

What if our nutrition during pregnancy, or heck even before conception, had lifelong consequences for the health of our children?

Let me rephrase that in case you have missed the enormity of the statement: what if what the parents ate and how they lived even before the child was even conceived may have an influence on, say, the probability of that child developing heart disease or cancer or diabetes at 60 years old?

In other words, what if genetics was not our entire destiny (for better or for worse) and good nutrition and a positive lifestyle went a long way in ensuring lifelong robustness?

Does this sound scary or empowering to you?
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Who was Weston Price and why should you care?

(This is the first of two articles.)

If you’re wondering how the teachings of a little-known early-20th-century dentist can possibly be relevant for the lifelong health of your (future) baby, or what really constitutes “super foods”, then read on! Continue reading Who was Weston Price and why should you care?


Thoughts on baby-led weaning

I was so excited about my little guy starting solids and thought I knew exactly how I wanted to do it: the traditional real foods way. Then a friend gave me a copy of Baby-Led Weaning, the influential book by Gill Rapley, and said that it had worked great for their daughter and that I must absolutely read it. So I did, and became very confused. Let me explain. Continue reading Thoughts on baby-led weaning


Who I am and why I’m here

Upon finding out about my very international background, somebody recently asked me which culture I prefer: Turkey, my native country, the US, my home for some 15 years, or France, my current home. It is a question I don’t usually ask myself since I probably praise and vilify aspects of all three cultures equally! I feel that I have the luxury to pick and choose as I see fit and incorporate the best of every place I’ve lived into who I am today. Continue reading Who I am and why I’m here


Baby’s first foods

yumurtaI’ve had two close girlfriends who became mothers earlier this year and I had promised them that I would have this blog entry by the time they have to start introducing solids to their little ones. Well the first baby is 5.5 months old right now so I need to get to it!

I guess those know me will not be surprised to hear that I did not much heed mainstream advice when it came to the introduction of solids either (whether it be how things are done in my native Turkey, longtime home United States or my current home, France). I mostly followed the tenets of the Weston A Price Foundation because, once again, it just made sense to me: the idea that what we put into our babies’ mouths determines the strength of their immune systems, this idea of “food as information,” as well as pleasure and comfort and all-around goodness — this is something I can really get behind. Continue reading Baby’s first foods