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Who was Weston Price and why should you care?

(This is the first of two articles.)

If you’re wondering how the teachings of a little-known early-20th-century dentist can possibly be relevant for the lifelong health of your (future) baby, or what really constitutes “super foods”, then read on! Continue reading Who was Weston Price and why should you care?


The conundrum of good fats, or why I don’t eat fries when I’m out (it’s not what you think)

When you think about the first words people associate with unhealthy eating habits “fatty” has got to be on top of the list. It’s one of those refrains that is thrown around so often that it’s considered to be a truism by most reasonable people. Dietary fat and cholesterol, the thinking goes, clog your arteries and cause heart disease — if you haven’t already become obese along the way.

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When in Rome…

We had barely sat down to our first meal in Rome that all hell broke loose.

Much like seeing family, no matter how far you’ve think you’ve come, how long you have lived away from them and established your independent self, seeing old girlfriends sets off a similar cocktail of high emotions and passionate exchanges… especially when hot-blooded Turkish temperaments are involved!

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Thoughts on baby-led weaning

I was so excited about my little guy starting solids and thought I knew exactly how I wanted to do it: the traditional real foods way. Then a friend gave me a copy of Baby-Led Weaning, the influential book by Gill Rapley, and said that it had worked great for their daughter and that I must absolutely read it. So I did, and became very confused. Let me explain. Continue reading Thoughts on baby-led weaning


Who I am and why I’m here

Upon finding out about my very international background, somebody recently asked me which culture I prefer: Turkey, my native country, the US, my home for some 15 years, or France, my current home. It is a question I don’t usually ask myself since I probably praise and vilify aspects of all three cultures equally! I feel that I have the luxury to pick and choose as I see fit and incorporate the best of every place I’ve lived into who I am today. Continue reading Who I am and why I’m here


My Real Food Rules

Local butcher shop
Our neighborhood butcher

I recently heard on Balanced Bites (one of my favorite health-themed podcasts) that adopting a new lifestyle and choices takes a good two years to really stick. That made complete sense to me. It was during my first pregnancy that I started to totally geek out on nutrition and health, and it really wasn’t until around the two-year mark that I could say that I had changed my entire diet and lifestyle in a meaningful way. I guess when it comes to making thoughtful food choices there’s nothing more motivating than having a small human developing inside of you! Continue reading My Real Food Rules