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Aaand… we’re back! What I have been up to for the last year

It has been way too long since I was last active on this blog and I really do hope you will forgive me. Last time I wrote, I was getting ready to pop out in a few weeks’ time. In fact, it was exactly one year ago that our lives changed inexorably… not once but twice.

When it looked like my second decided to make his appearance almost as late as his big brother, I did everything I could to avoid being artificially induced. Things like acupuncture, walking for miles and miles down Paris streets, and dancing a “labor dance” I found on YouTube (I really gave it all I got!)…

Then one day I finally felt that the end was near and walking around was getting distinctly uncomfortable. This turned out to be a certain Friday the 13th, the night of the terrorist attacks in Paris. That night I went to bed terrified that my little guy would try to make an appearance in the hours that followed. I knew that neither we nor our midwife could probably get to the maternity clinic in the current state of affairs, and besides there was no way I would leave my other kid and my mom at home until I knew the nightmare was over… Lo and behold, I ended up drifting off to sleep and woke up at 6 am with a contraction – he had waited!

Place de la République
Folks gathering to commemorate the events of 13 Nov 2015

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7 questions to ask for a peaceful birth

7 Questions to Ask for a More Peaceful Birth

I had seen the documentary The Business of Being Born when it first came out, meaning long before I had even given much thought to the idea of having children. In it Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein take a critical look at the highly medicalized state of childbirth in the US and take some time exploring the movement that defends gentler and more natural forms of bringing babies into the world, including bringing back the work of midwives and home births.

The film made its mark on me even back then, and I’d made a “note to self” to heed its message when the time came. Fast forward to three years ago to my first pregnancy, and I made sure to watch it again with my partner to make sure we would be on the same page. Continue reading 7 Questions to Ask for a More Peaceful Birth


Simple Non-Toxic Body Butter

I’ve had super dry skin for as long as I can remember. This meant that I used to always seek out the thickest creamiest body cream that I could find, and for years that was heavy-duty Nivea body lotion or other supermarket brands.

Until one day when I heard about something called parabens and their association with things like hormone disruption and cancer, and all this sounded just a little bit alarming. Continue reading Simple Non-Toxic Body Butter


How to make milk kefir (and why you should!)

While milk kefir is a traditional Turkish drink with its roots in the Caucasus Mountains, I had never heard about it growing up — which is quite remarkable if you think about it. As my interest in making my own cultured foods grew, I knew that cultured dairy was a great place to start. As traditional cultures around the world knew well, incorporating fermented foods into your diet is not only extremely beneficial for you and your family’s health, it is often delicious too. Continue reading How to make milk kefir (and why you should!)


Pear Butter Gelatin Sticks

If you’ve ever had a toddler, you know what a struggle it can be to get them to eat what you prepare. Even if your cute little baby used to polish off everything in sight with great gusto, sometime after the 18 to 24-month mark, a little devil seems to take residence in your innocent little infant’s body. This is when foods that used to please no longer do, or the little guy or gal insists on a unique menu at every meal. These are testing times for busy parents and many do understandably resort to shortcuts and give the tots what they’ll down easily — which in many cases means sugar. Continue reading Pear Butter Gelatin Sticks


Who was Weston Price and why should you care? (Part 2)

What if our nutrition during pregnancy, or heck even before conception, had lifelong consequences for the health of our children?

Let me rephrase that in case you have missed the enormity of the statement: what if what the parents ate and how they lived even before the child was even conceived may have an influence on, say, the probability of that child developing heart disease or cancer or diabetes at 60 years old?

In other words, what if genetics was not our entire destiny (for better or for worse) and good nutrition and a positive lifestyle went a long way in ensuring lifelong robustness?

Does this sound scary or empowering to you?
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Who was Weston Price and why should you care?

(This is the first of two articles.)

If you’re wondering how the teachings of a little-known early-20th-century dentist can possibly be relevant for the lifelong health of your (future) baby, or what really constitutes “super foods”, then read on! Continue reading Who was Weston Price and why should you care?


Thoughts on baby-led weaning

I was so excited about my little guy starting solids and thought I knew exactly how I wanted to do it: the traditional real foods way. Then a friend gave me a copy of Baby-Led Weaning, the influential book by Gill Rapley, and said that it had worked great for their daughter and that I must absolutely read it. So I did, and became very confused. Let me explain. Continue reading Thoughts on baby-led weaning


Who I am and why I’m here

Upon finding out about my very international background, somebody recently asked me which culture I prefer: Turkey, my native country, the US, my home for some 15 years, or France, my current home. It is a question I don’t usually ask myself since I probably praise and vilify aspects of all three cultures equally! I feel that I have the luxury to pick and choose as I see fit and incorporate the best of every place I’ve lived into who I am today. Continue reading Who I am and why I’m here


Basic Beef Curry

This is another one of those basic recipes that lends itself well to being tinkered with. I have changed the meat from beef to veal or pork, or the veggies depending on the season (butternut squash in the colder months, eggplant in the summer for example) and the results are practically foolproof since long-simmering stews are very forgiving: if the meat isn’t tender enough, just continue cooking some more. This makes this type of recipe ideal for the slow cooker as well!

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